FEES as of January 1, 2017

Below is our fee schedule for the services that our firm provides.  Generally, our fees are based on a combination of the following:

  • Time spent
  • Complexity of the engagement
  • Level of expertise required
  • Research of uncommon tax situations


We provide a variety of bookkeeping, accounting, tax and other financial services to our clients.  To minimize your total fees, we have a variety of staff members that we utilize in the preparation of particular services.  The following are the rates of our firm:

  • Partner Rate $185/hour
  • Staff CPA Rate $135/hour
  • Staff Accountant Rate $85/hour
  • Administrative/Clerical Rate $45/hour
  • POKER PLAYER RATES - Minimum tax return fee of $500 (higher fee due to specialty area)


Our fee for Individual Income tax return preparation starts at $375 and  for Business returns, including Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts starts at $575.  We provide the following for every income tax return prepared:

  • Basic Federal and State income tax returns with electronic filing
  • An instruction letter, including recommended estimated tax payments, if necessary
  • Electronic format of the Federal and State tax returns
  • Individualized tax organizer sent each year in early January
  • K-1’s for all Partners/Members, if applicable

 More complex income tax returns incur additional charges, usually in increments of $50.


For example, a basic tax return with Schedule A (itemized deductions) and a simple Schedule C (sole proprietorship) would be $475. Add Form 2106 (employee business expense), and the fee increases to $525. Capital gains transactions, rental real estate, and passive loss calculations also add complexity and additional fees. Multiple real estate sales and purchases, lengthy depreciation schedules, and unorganized financial information result in higher fees simply because it requires more time to prepare. 

A part-year state return adds complexity because income and expenses have to be allocated between resident states, even if you have moved from a state that does not require income tax returns. Our minimum fee for a Federal and part-year Georgia Income Tax return is $475.




  • Automatic extension of time to file, no balance owing: $50 added to your final bill
  • Automatic extension of time to file, with CPA calculation of balance owing, billed based on our rates
  • Paper and Extra copies of tax returns: $50
  • E-mailing password protected copies of returns already provided: $25
  • FedEx overnight: actual cost + $20
  • Reprocessing the tax return, i.e. for amended brokerage statements, billed based on our rates
  • Tax planning and other miscellaneous professional reports, billed based on our rates, FBAR minimum  $150
  • Meetings for new clients,  complimentary for ½ hour
  • Personal Property Tax Returns, billed based on our rates, minimum of $150
  • Children returns for existing clients, $175
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns, based on our rates, minimum of $125
  • Form 1099/1096, based on our rates, minimum of $125
  • Phone calls or email responses to tax related questions, billed at a minimum of 10 minutes, based on our rates