FEES as of January 1, 2024

Below is our fee schedule for the services that our firm provides.  Generally, our fees are based on a combination of the following:

  • Time spent
  • Complexity of the engagement
  • Level of expertise required
  • Research of uncommon tax situations


We provide a variety of bookkeeping, accounting, tax and other financial services to our clients.  To minimize your total fees, we have a variety of staff members that we utilize in the preparation of particular services.  The following are the rates of our firm:

  • CPA Rate $200/hour
  • Staff Accountant Rate $125/hour - this is also the rate for bookkeeping such as QuickBooks
  • Administrative/Clerical Rate $75/hour


Our fee for Individual Income tax return preparation starts at $650. Business returns, including Corporations and Partnerships start at $900. Trusts and Estate returns start at $900. The hourly fees above are factored in with these minimums for the total return cost.  We provide the following for every income tax return prepared:

  • Electronic Filing of Federal and State income tax returns 
  • An instruction letter, including recommended estimated tax payments, if necessary
  • Electronic format of the Federal and State tax returns
  • Individualized tax organizer sent each year in early January
  • K-1’s for all Partners/Members, if applicable

A part-year state return adds complexity because income and expenses are allocated between resident states, even if you have moved from a state that does not require income tax returns. For any State return other than Georgia, there is an additional cost of $100 added to our minimum fees. 



  • Automatic extension of time to file, no balance owing: $75
  • Automatic extension of time to file, with CPA calculation of balance owing, billed based on our hourly rates
  • Paper copies of tax returns: $125 addtional fee
  • E-mailing password protected copies of returns already provided: $25
  • FedEx overnight: actual cost + $20
  • Reprocessing the tax return, i.e. for amended brokerage statements, billed based on our hourly rates
  • Tax planning and other miscellaneous professional reports, billed based on our rates
  • FBAR minimum  $225
  • Meetings for new clients,  complimentary for ½ hour, after that based on Partner rate
  • Personal Property Tax Returns, billed based on our rates, minimum of $250
  • Gift Tax Returns - $600 minimum
  • Children returns for existing clients, $300, unless there are numerous forms involved
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns, based on our rates, minimum of $200
  • Form 1099/1096, based on our rates, minimum of $175
  • Phone calls or email responses to tax related questions, billed at a minimum of 10 minutes, based on our rates